This is how Apple's MacBook range looks

This is how Apple’s MacBook range looks

March 9, 2015

MacBook2015The new MacBook, heir to the MacBook Air that we all know, has set out to revolutionize the concept we understand of a notebook by offering us a series of features that include: USB-C, fanless architecture, greater autonomy and a spectacular design. But it is not the only change since the MacBook Pro has also been updated with some new features and innovations, as well as the MacBook Air that avoid staying in a limbo of updates.

A knock on the table. This could define what Apple has done today to the world of laptop manufacturers, showing that it still has a lot to say and continues to bet on the Mac range given the increase in iPad sales. From the Cupertino company they do not conceive of the Post-PC era without us noticing and the new MacBook is a clear example of this, perfectly combining the best of both worlds. With all this, the MacBook range is such that:

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