This is how Amazon robots work in a long day ...

This is how Amazon robots work in a long day …

December 1, 2014

During the past year 2012, Amazon acquired for 775 million dollars the company Kiva Systems, responsible for the manufacture of robots. Since then, there were not many details about how these robots were used in Amazon, but now we can know how they perform during a day of maximum performance: the one known as Cyber ​​Monday.

Thanks to Kiva Robots, Amazon saves an enormous amount of time by avoiding having to have workers in charge of moving products or entire shelves from one place to another. This is very convenient, especially if we consider that the warehouses in which Amazon uses these robots usually ship around 700,000 orders a day. These robots, which despite the fact that it may not seem like it, have a weight of 145 kilos, are capable of moving huge shelves weighing up to 340 kilos without any problem. But the most surprising thing is that they do it without any type of error, despite the fact that they are moving a few centimeters from dozens of robots that are doing the same task.

via Amazon shows how their robots perform on a busy day.

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