This is all that is known of the supposed iWatch of ...

This is all that is known of the supposed iWatch of …

September 7, 2014

The media have decided to use the term iWatch to refer to Apple’s new wearable, but there is absolutely no indication that this is going to be its final name. It should be remembered that we all talked about iSlate until what Apple presented was the now well-known iPad.

The only reference to a product name appears in a company patent, specifically No. 8,787,006. This is a record dating from 2011 and shows a device called iTime equipped with a 2.5-inch screen and multiple sensors on the strap. The problem is that the most recent data indicates that Apple has grouped the sensors in the device, not in the strap, so that even the name iTime is very much in the air.

Knowing the philosophy of the brand, it is unlikely that you want to use a name (iWatch) that is reminiscent of the name by which these devices are generically known and already used by other brands (LG G Watch). If we had to bet, we would do it for something simpler like iBand or iWear. Until the 9th, everything will be speculation about his name.

via What will the iWatch be like? This is all that is known (updated).

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