Thieves are already using drones to study houses ...

Thieves are already using drones to study houses …

May 19, 2015

In the United Kingdom, the first cases have already been reported and the danger begins to lurk.

A new technological threat is putting state security forces and bodies on alert. Drones, although they have limited use in many countries, are legal as long as certain conditions are met. Current Spanish legislation, for example, prohibits the use of this type of aircraft in inhabited places or urban centers. Provided that certain altitude margins (100 meters) are respected in order to preserve the airspace, they can be used as mere radio control “toys”. However, the existence of its own regional and local regulations also creates a legal vacuum where the police have to tread very fine to detect improper uses.

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Once they are on the market, the truth is that it is difficult to stop illegal behavior and one of them is the one that is being found in the United Kingdom, specifically in Suffolk, where drones have been detected flying over homes to study their conditions and be robbed. subsequently.

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Although with technologies such as satellite maps of services such as Google Maps, they already make it possible for the mussels to have direct access to valuable information, the use of drones still makes it easier to rob a home by detailing its perimeter more.

Many of these drones have cameras incorporated or that can be attached to their housing and when flying close to a home, they would allow to obtain images in great detail of any poorly guarded point, as well as to obtain information on whether the house is inhabited, when they leave. occupants or what access roads each dwelling has.

Source: Thieves already use drones to study the houses they are going to rob

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