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March 16, 2015

We are in the golden age of digital paranoia, and what better country to denounce the causes of this type than the United States, where they plan to ban Hello Barbie, the first doll connected to the network that also includes voice recognition, being This last factor is the one that causes the most annoyance among the complainants, since the doll, supposedly, would function as a spy.

The complaint was filed by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, who already have to their credit the cancellation of the project of the dolls inspired by the Pussy Cat Dolls.

The mechanism works as follows, according to Dazed magazine: The user presses a button and activates a microphone that the wrist has inside it. The voice of the person occupying the toy is sent to a server through the local WiFi network, and is stored in a server that processes the audio and sends a personalized response. The more times it is occupied, the more the doll “learns” from its user, predicting – in a certain way – the tastes or interests of its owner.

via They ask to ban Hello Barbie, the doll connected to the Internet – FayerWayer.

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