They use computer programs to curb addiction.

They use computer programs to curb addiction.

February 17, 2014

laptopsIn the case of cocaine addiction, one of the most effective treatments consists of the administration of methadone. This synthetic opioid compound “mimics” some of the effects of drugs of abuse, and also helps prevent the well-known withdrawal syndrome. Due to these two factors, it is commonly used in detoxification programs.

Scientists at Yale University wondered if the use of methadone could be complemented with other alternatives to achieve better results in the treatment of addiction. With this objective, they thought about the development of behavioral therapies mediated with computational tools.

The use of computers, therefore, could help in the detoxification of this type of patients. The designed program, which has been called Computer Based Training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, would be combined with the administration of methadone.

via They stop addiction using computer therapy.

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