They update the Amazon Fire Phone to solve problems ...

They update the Amazon Fire Phone to solve problems …

August 19, 2014

In addition to fixing malfunctions and battery life, this update contains quite a few new features that will improve the user experience. One of the most important is the multitasking system, a function that was surprisingly not available as standard. Quick Switch, this is how they have baptized the application switcher, is activated by pressing twice on the start button so that we can move between open processes and applications. Now it will also be possible to create folders grouping several icons, again a feature so basic that we are surprised that it was not included from the beginning.

But there is not everything, the Carousel Pinning function allows us to add shortcuts to favorite applications on the home screen, lenticular photos now record eleven shots for a better visual effect and you can delete emails from the home screen. Amazon has also improved the method for sharing videos via email or multimedia message, in both cases in high resolution. Finally, the company indicates that they have made dozens of updates to the system to achieve a longer battery life.

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