They update minube the app that wants to inspire you these ...

They update minube the app that wants to inspire you these …

December 10, 2014

Now is the time to start thinking about the holidays. Perhaps you have already chosen your destination and you have to plan everything you need to make the trip, or perhaps you still don’t even know where to go. Well, with the aim of helping the traveler both before and after that moment of “inspiration”, my Cloud, the web and mobile platform created by a group of Spanish entrepreneurs with a presence in Venezuela, has launched its first application for tablets with iOS (iPad) and Android operating systems. This app seeks to be present throughout the entire trip cycle, from inspiration to planning and booking services such as hiring hotels, both before starting it and last minute reservations.

Learn about the details of the update by listening to the interview with Marina Badía Country Manager for Mexico and Latin America from minube:

This is the final step of the minube platform to be present on the web, as well as in native apps for smartphones and tablets, increasingly popular and used by travelers. Until now, minube had other apps in the form of travel guides for some cities and countries for tablets (with selected content), but this is the first time that all the wealth of the minube platform and its services is accessible. In total, it has already achieved more than 2 million downloads of its different apps around the world.

The concept that minube is looking for is very simple, and it fits into the “social travel revolution” that it has proposed since its inception, and which seeks to integrate the entire travel cycle on the same platform. With more than 1 million people registered in your community and more than 600,000 places recommended by travelers from around the world, anyone can be inspired to find their next destination, and when they do, plan everything necessary to get the most out of that. travel, from the most attractive and essential places to visit (including those that do not usually appear in traditional travel guides), hotels where to sleep, restaurants where to eat or activities to carry out and take advantage of that destination. Something that could already be done through the web and the smartphone app, but which for the first time jumps to tablets.

But it is not only about content, but about inspiration based on travelers who are totally different from each other, and with whom to identify to choose the “style of travel you are looking for”, whether you are young, adult or retired; you are married, single or looking for the love of your life; alone, with family, with your partner or with friends; etc. Because social matters, but only if it really allows you to connect with those people who are similar to you, in a more selective and more personal way. For this, we have worked in a community of travelers where each one has their public profile to share and recommend in a positive way according to their experience in the place or establishment.

Listen to the interview with Juan Carlos Milena, head of communication and press at minube:

And all this in an app that combines innovation in equal parts; a spectacular and intuitive design; lots of up-to-date quality content, recommendations from nearly 200 countries; and an active, multicultural and passionate community.

Not always “the best” is the best known

The minube tablet application will show users the most surprising recommendations in the sections “The best”, “Where to eat”, “What to see and do”, “Hotels”, and, finally, “Lists” or plans personalized services proposed by minube travelers.

Thus, for example, you can find proposals such as “Venezuela from North to South”, “Dream beaches of the Caribbean Sea”, “The most beautiful cities in the world”, “The most original museums in Europe” … In this way we provide you with a planning much richer in nuances, outside the conventional circuits.

The application allows you to locate all those corners on an interactive map, save in your own lists those that are closest to the way you travel, share them on social networks or by email, etc. In this way, you can plan a trip from the moment of inspiration, alone or with more friends to invite to share corners with everyone on those lists.

Users will also be able to book their hotel nights without leaving the application, with the plus of having not only information on price, availability, contact web and services, but also with the recommendations of other travelers who have already been there.

In short, and responding to the philosophy of minube, an app designed to inspire and enjoy the entire trip, although new features will be released shortly such as uploading your own recommendations, something that for the moment remains only available in the app for smartphones and the Web.

According Raúl Jiménez, CEO and one of the founders of, “We live in an environment of enormous challenges, where the behavior of travelers is completely changing, as well as the services they demand. And the fact is that a trip begins much earlier than with the purchase of a plane ticket … and this is where minube wants to face those challenges by giving people a simple and satisfactory experience on their next trips, both on the web and on mobile phones and now in tablets. With more than 45 million visits and travel content that grows every day in quality, our obsession and something that is in the DNA of minube is to continue offering better products to travelers and to understand what they need.

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