They present the first tire capable of generating elect ...

They present the first tire capable of generating elect …

March 4, 2015

Heat, movement, or friction. Any possibility of generating energy to recharge the battery of an electric car is welcome. At Goodyear they have thought of a tire that is capable of generating electricity by itself. It is only a prototype but this line of research is essential to improve the autonomy of hybrids and electric vehicles.

The secret of this tire to generate electricity is in the material from which it is built. In addition to the classics, a thermo-piezoelectric one has been included. In the first place, this material takes advantage of the heat of the tire to generate electricity. It does so both by movement and in a stationary state, since both the color and the material have been modified so that it absorbs the maximum possible heat. To counteract the absorbed heat, there is an air cooling system for safety.

Second, the tire is responsible for converting the deformation and vibrations that it undergoes when it is in operation into electrical energy. This prototype has been baptized as BHO3.

via This GoodYear tire is capable of recharging your car’s battery by itself.

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