They present an anti-fraud platform to protect trans ...

They present an anti-fraud platform to protect trans …

February 25, 2014

Anti-Fraud ProtectionKaspersky Lab presented its new Kaspersky Fraud Prevention platform during the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. Designed to protect electronic payments made on computers and mobile devices, the solution is aimed at financial institutions and companies in the electronic commerce sector.

According to a study conducted by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab, 98% of users use online banking services or make online purchases, and 38% do so through their mobile devices. The widespread penetration of electronic payments has made the theft of electronic money a profitable business for criminals. The same study revealed that in the last 12 months 62% of users had encountered cyber threats that targeted their accounts.

Current techniques (temporary passwords, SMS confirmations, tokens, one-time password generators) used by banks and electronic payment systems to protect their customers are quickly becoming obsolete. Experts at Gartner say that “innovation in fraud prevention methods is imperative because cybercriminals are increasingly avoiding old techniques such as device identification.” This is the reason why the market requires innovative solutions to ensure that transactions are secure.

“Financial organizations need technology that protects their customers from today’s threats and minimizes the costs associated with reimbursing stolen money,” commented Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer, Kaspersky Lab. “The Kaspersky Fraud Prevention platform is Outstanding in providing comprehensive transaction protection not only on the bank side, but on user devices as well. In addition, it includes intellectual services based on all our years of experience in the cybersecurity field. This combination will help finance companies secure their money and, most importantly, their reputation. “

Kaspersky Lab’s advanced security solutions for financial transactions have already established a good reputation in the market – independent test labs AV-TEST, MRG Effitas and Matousec have already recognized their effectiveness.

Integral approach

The new Kaspersky Fraud Prevention platform incorporates tools capable of protecting online transactions on various devices, server solutions for the detection of fraudulent operations during the electronic payment process, as well as a series of additional services. The individual components of the platform can work independently or collaboratively, complementing each other and offering multi-layered protection at each stage of an online payment transaction.

The Kaspersky Fraud Prevention client applications work on computers running Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X, as well as on Google Android and Apple’s iOS-based mobile devices. These applications, under the general name of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Endpoints, are designed to protect users’ devices from financial cyber threats that attack specific operating systems.

If an organization intends to develop its own mobile application or wants to strengthen the security of an existing application, it can use the Kaspersky Fraud Prevention SDK tools based on Kaspersky Lab’s cutting-edge solutions. This set of tools includes all the necessary components for the reliable protection of electronic payments made from a mobile device.

The server component of the Kaspersky Clientless Engine platform operates within the company’s IT infrastructure and can detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, even if the user’s device does not have a security solution installed. To assess the legitimacy of an operation, the Clientless Engine checks the information about the payment and the device where it originated in real time, detecting suspicious anomalies and attempted cyberattacks. Upon receiving a message about malicious activity, a company employee can react quickly to prevent any type of theft.

The benefits provided by Kaspersky Fraud Prevention are complemented by a number of additional services that Kaspersky Lab offers to help companies improve their understanding of financial cyber threats and the best way to combat them. It also includes exclusive access to extensive knowledge of Kaspersky Lab experts and dedicated company support.

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