They present a «wireless» elevator that travels hor ...

They present a «wireless» elevator that travels hor …

December 3, 2014

The German company ThyssenKrupp promises that in the skyscrapers of the future there will be elevators that will arrive every 30 seconds. The firm presented a technology that allows a single well to house more than one cabin, which will also move horizontally.

ThyssenKrupp assures that his invention will revolutionize modern architecture, because the central blocks of the elevator shafts, an essential element in today’s buildings, will no longer limit the design. Residents of buildings will have to wait less at elevator doors, while builders will gain space that can be used for apartments, offices and other facilities, reports Business Insider.

The key to the displacement of the cabin is a linear motor that ThyssenKrupp has produced following the model of the German Transrapid magnetic levitation train, built by the firm itself in collaboration with Siemens. Each of the cabs would need a single motor, both for horizontal and vertical movement.

The cabins will be able to stop independently for passengers to enter and exit safely.

The first building to use a prototype of this elevator will be a 240-meter tower being built in Rottweil, Germany. The public will be able to test the system in 2016.

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