They manage to skip two-step authentication from ...

They manage to skip two-step authentication from …

June 26, 2014

PayPa Visa MasterCardPayPal accounts with the added protection of two-step authentication are not currently compatible with PayPal mobile apps.

What happens, specifically, is that when we try to log in to an account of this type, we will get a first screenshot of the open account, but in a few moments the server returns a negative response denying access.

The problem is that, just by activating the “airplane mode” during these moments that the screenshot lasts, we will make the response of the PayPal server impossible, so that, when reactivating the mobile data connection or the wireless connection of the WiFi type, We will have accessed the protected PayPal account without major problem and, in addition, we will have skipped the two-step authentication.

via Problems for Paypal: They manage to skip the authentication in two steps.

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