They launch secure and free browser for Windows Phon ...

They launch secure and free browser for Windows Phon …

March 5, 2014

Nokia-Lumia-1020_03-960x623Kaspersky Lab announces the launch of its free application Kaspersky Safe Browser for Windows Phone that protects Internet browsing on smartphones with Microsoft’s mobile operating system, which ranks second among mobile users in Latin America1. The application is now available in the Windows Phone store.

The new solution has protection against phishing, a generalized threat that affects PCs and mobile devices alike. Phishing scams rely on fake sites and emails created by cybercriminals to trick unsuspecting users into providing their personal details. According to B2B International research, one in three Internet users received messages with phishing links in 2013.

Kaspersky Safe Browser for Windows Phone blocks links with potentially malicious content. The application receives information about malicious sites in real time from the cloud-based anti-phishing database of Kaspersky Security Network. This allows the application to block even recently appeared phishing pages on the Internet.

In addition to blocking phishing links, the application allows you to filter resources on the web based on their content. Users can choose the categories of sites to be blocked, such as pornographic sites, pages containing obscene words or scenes of violence, gaming sites, social networking sites, etc.

This feature also helps parents protect their children from inappropriate content. Kaspersky Safe Browser for Windows Phone should be added to Kid’s Corner, a special section for children on Windows smartphones that hosts content and applications selected by parents.

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