They launch an iPhone 6 from the stratosphere and it does not break …

January 23, 2015

“Urban Armor Gear” has launched from the stratosphere (approximately 30 kilometers high) an iPhone 6 covered with one of the cases it manufactures to prove that they are the most resistant on the market. Which it was the result? As can be seen in a video uploaded to YouTube by the firm itself, none. And, although it hit the ground hard, the phone continued to work perfectly after the blow.

The company equipped the iPhone with one of its housings and hung it – accompanied by two GoPro cameras and a GPS – from a small weather balloon.

Once the instruments were prepared, the balloon ascended for almost three hours and – once it reached the stratosphere – it broke releasing the iPhone. In the words of the company itself, the phone had to withstand temperatures of up to 56 degrees below zero and a wind speed of 112 kilometers per hour during its fall, severe inconveniences that it was also able to overcome thanks to the case.

But the final test was yet to come. And it is that –although the phone was also equipped with a parachute to prevent it from becoming a projectile and damaging someone- it ended up hitting the ground severely. What happened? Incredibly, it did not break despite the blow. According to “Urban Armor Gear”, it only turned off due to the low temperatures, but it worked perfectly again after being turned on.

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