They launch an application to access the surveillance system …

September 29, 2014

Axis Communications, creator of the IP camera, announces the launch of its own application that allows the user to view the security cameras of their home, store, restaurant or office while they are away from the place. IPhone and Android users will be able to view live or recorded images from their video surveillance system, store videos, and share them when needed.

The proprietary application, integrated into the free Axis Camera Companion software, issues alerts when it detects suspicious activities, such as the presence of people in restricted access areas or attempts to block the camera. This allows the user to act quickly, even when in another country.

Along with the application, an updated version (2.2) of the AXIS Camera Companion software is being released, with support for Axis Mobile Streaming. This technology is specially designed to provide quick and easy access to high definition live or recorded video, even for installations where bandwidth is limited.

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