They install free Internet service in the Theater ...

They install free Internet service in the Theater …

November 24, 2014

The Teresa Carreño Theater cultural complex, one of the most visited cultural spaces in the country, has the free Internet connection service “Wifi for All” that is deployed by the Anonymous National Telephone Company of Venezuela (Cantv).

The Wifi for Everyone program is developed by Cantv with the aim of providing connection in open spaces in the city of Caracas and throughout the country.

A press release from the Venezuelan telephone company details that three antennas were installed in the cultural complex.

The first one was installed a few weeks ago in the Ríos Reyna Hall Lobby; the second was placed to serve the administrative area, cafeteria and adjacent rehearsal rooms.

And the last one is located on the Terrace of Los Caobos Park, near Teresa Carreño.

In total, 2,915 sites are already connected with WiFi for Everyone since in May 2014 President Nicolás Maduro ordered the expansion of the plan to take it to a greater number of high schools, universities, parks, boulevards and squares throughout the country. The goal is to reach 6,193 places.

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