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They identify the psychological profile of the six types …

November 8, 2014

Several researchers from the University of Birmingham have published the first study in history that explains how the different types of murderers who use Facebook to perpetrate their crimes act. According to his research, and as stated by newspapers such as the “Daily Telegraph”, to date there are six psychological profiles that have been repeated in most crimes in which, in one way or another, social networks have been related .

Specifically, the experts studied the 48 registered murders in which, to date, Facebook has had a direct influence. Based on their research they have discovered that, in the first place, 26 of them have been produced in Great Britain, a figure that they have found alarming. On the other hand, the doctors in criminology David Wilson and Elizabeth Yardley (those responsible for the thesis) have managed to determine the six most common criminal profiles that can be found on social networks:

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