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They find dozens of groups of scammers in full view …

April 6, 2019

Talos, a team of Cisco cybersecurity researchers, has released a report on dozens of scam groups it has been tracking over the past few months on Facebook, engaged in activities such as phishing, selling fake or stolen credentials, and spam.

Dozens of scam groups found in plain sight on FacebookDozens of scam groups found in plain sight on Facebook

The Talos researchers found 74 groups with a total of 385,000 members altogether. The names of these groups were as blatant as “Spam Professional”, “Facebook hack (Phishing)”, “Spammer & Hacker Professional” or “Buy Cvv [código de seguridad de tarjetas de crédito] On THIS SHOP PAYMENT BY BTC 💰💵 ».

Some of these groups have managed to stay on Facebook for up to eight years, acquiring tens of thousands of members in the process.

In addition to stolen credentials, Talos found users who were also selling fictitious government and organization accounts. Some of the members of these groups even posted the stolen credit card numbers along with the victims’ driver’s licenses, while others posted requests for help transferring large sums of money or accessing computer networks.

Source: Researchers find dozens of scam groups in plain sight on Facebook

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