They discover a massive cyber espionage malware that ro ...

They discover a massive cyber espionage malware that ro …

November 25, 2014

The US computer group Symantec announced this Sunday in France that it had discovered a computer virus that had been operating since 2008, whose technical complexity suggests that it was created or at least supervised by the intelligence services of some State.

The virus dubbed “Regin” was an extremely sophisticated Trojan that made it possible to control the chosen computers with total discretion. “Symantec teams have detected security flaws in 10 countries, from Russia to Saudi Arabia, each accounting for about a quarter of infections.”

The other affected countries in order of importance are Mexico and Ireland, followed by India, Afghanistan, Iran, Belgium, Austria and Pakistan. The goal of “Regin” is to collect different types of data without sabotaging systems. Its complexity implies a design phase of several months, even several years, which required a significant financial investment.

“Regin” is capable of taking screenshots, taking control of a mouse or its cursor, stealing passwords, monitoring network traffic and recovering deleted files. “Even when you can identify him somewhere, it is extremely difficult to determine what he has done or what he is looking for.”

via «Regin», the sophisticated virus that operates in the shadows since 2008 –

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