They develop intelligent elevator that predicts what ...

They develop intelligent elevator that predicts what …

January 20, 2014

Microsoft develops a smart elevator that predicts the floor you go to

At the limits of science and pseudoscience (or supposedly scientific fantasy), I heard many years ago that, with its history, the human being had already reached the level of “experiences” necessary to, with them, be able to from extrapolating to the future. That is, if it were possible to compile even the smallest detail of everything done by each and every human being since, according to my interlocutor, the Sumerian civilization, it would be enough.

With a complex system, capable of properly processing this data and making projections based on it, it would be possible to know who will be the president of the United States in 2030 or what you will have for dinner on the first Thursday of next October. And although taken to that point where we take for dead and buried free will and chance is, at least for the moment, excessive, the truth is that prediction has become a field of research that is increasingly attracting more interest.

The latest proof of this is that Microsoft has designed an elevator that predicts which floor you go to. And, if 8,000 years of history are needed to be able to predict the global behavior of humanity, to know which floor you are going to at any given time, three months would be enough.

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