They develop implantable chip rechargeable by ultrasound ...

They develop implantable chip rechargeable by ultrasound …

October 22, 2014

The idea of ​​”smart chips” is based on their programming to perform medical tasks, as they provide details with almost exact precision. For this new development, the operation is the same, except that it is characterized by the way sound is used to keep the components that make it up in operation.

The engineers decided to use the ultrasonic technique, given its wide range of applications in medicine without causing health problems. However, they had to manage for this application to help generate energy, finding the answer in a piezoelectric material, which generates electricity when it is put under pressure.

The use of ultrasonic waves aimed directly at the material exerts pressure on its molecular structure, and when it decreases it will regain its original shape, generating a small energy charge each time the material is compressed and decompressed. This happens up to a million times per second, generating enough power for the chip.

via They develop implantable ultrasound rechargeable chip – FayerWayer.

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