They design a "smart helmet" to learn faster ...

They design a “smart helmet” to learn faster …

November 4, 2014

A group of psychologists has designed an electrostimulation process capable of improving our cognitive abilities. This means that thanks to its “smart helmet” we can think “better” and make less mistakes, according to the study they have carried out. But also this device could well help with some diseases.

That we are fundamentally what our brain wants us to be is no secret to anyone. What’s more, that our brain is actually a highly specialized set of electrical circuits and signals is also not something we are unaware of. But what this group of psychologists has achieved is quite interesting. His smart cap allows us to electrically stimulate our brain so that, in just 20 minutes, we get 5 hours of “accelerated learning”, as they say. Before we start ordering all of our own smart hat, let’s stop for a moment and see what it is.

via They design a »smart hat» to learn faster.

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