They design a 3D printer to ‘print’ any …

March 16, 2015

A team of chemists from the University of Illinois, USA, led by chemist expert Martin Burke, has published the design of a “revolutionary” 3D printer, which will have the ability to create chemical compounds by synthesizing molecules. It is estimated that the process would last only a few hours, while an experienced chemist can take up to years, reports the Science Daily portal, citing the journal ‘Science’.

The printer will run on basic chemical compounds that will be used as raw material. The apparatus will synthesize the necessary elements and eliminate the useless ones. Finally, after a chemical reaction, you will gather the necessary elements for the compound.

Researchers have already managed to design 14 different types of molecules. “We hope that this technology creates new opportunities in other therapeutic areas,” says the scientist optimistically.

via Pharmacy Revolution: A 3D Printer Will ‘Print’ Any Medication – RT.

Image: docent via Shutterstock

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