They create software to promote transparency in the ...

They create software to promote transparency in the …

March 19, 2015

Tansparencia Venezuela devised with the support of the British Embassy a tool for citizens to intervene directly and from the comfort of their home in the construction of the budget and hiring of their mayors.

The Municipality of El Hatillo joined the initiative and provided itself as a pilot to develop a project that, through the use of technology, seeks to promote participation, transparency in public management and the comptroller’s office through the monitoring of contracting.

The Participatory Budget and Online Contracting System is a software adaptable to the realities of each municipality, which can be accessed through an online registry. The tool was designed to offer registration and access to both citizens and municipalities, in different spaces, but with feedback.

Among the benefits that it offers to citizens, the possibility of expressing through a survey the main needs that affect your municipality stands out.

The results can be seen immediately, “instantly it will be possible to know if in the Union, for example, the neighbors demand greater investment in roads or in the public transport system,” explained Mercedes de Freitas, executive director of Transparency Venezuela. , during the software launch that took place in El Hatillo.

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