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They create an extension for Chrome that alerts you if …

April 10, 2014

passwordsIt is estimated that 56% (or more) of all the websites that exist on the internet have been affected by HeartBleed, the largest known network security flaw. It was released this week and is a “bug” that attacks the OpenSSL encryption library, used by a large number of web pages to encrypt and protect sensitive information such as passwords from hackers. The “Bug” allowed anyone with advanced computer skills to capture that information and decode it, without it being detected by other security systems.

Now, Jamie Hoyle, a developer, has created Chromebleed, an extension for Chrome that acts as an alarm clock. Once the “plugging” is installed (and navigated with the Google explorer), every time a page that may have been affected by HeartBleed is visited, an alarm will go off.

via They create an extension that alerts you if the website you visit is affected with Heartbleed –

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