The first self-driving vehicles start rolling ...

They create a device capable of hacking a car in 5 min …

March 8, 2014

volvo-xc60-int6Car manufacturers have been updating car technology for years, seeking to automate all tasks as much as possible.

But the shadow of security always rests on these types of advances and now, two Spaniards have developed a device that they claim is capable of hacking a car in just five minutes and for a further sale it can be manufactured for only $ 20.

Depending on the model of the car, it would be necessary to access the trunk, hood or the lower part of it. The device is connected to the CAN bus, a protocol in charge of transmitting information in the car and in a few minutes it would be taken over.

With this intervention it could, for example, be able to activate or deactivate alarms, operate windows, activate the braking system, lights and more.

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