They combine the best of Wi-Fi and LTE to improve the exp …

March 4, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent announces its Unified Mobile Networking strategy that combines the upstream and downstream capabilities of Wi-Fi® and cellular technologies to facilitate increased capacity and provide users with a more consistent and higher-quality voice, data and video experience. quality when using mobile communications in places with a high traffic load or low signal levels. This strategy will allow operators to combine autonomous Wi-Fi and cellular networks into a single unified mobile network for homes, offices, and outdoor areas.

As the number of connected people and devices increases, one of the biggest challenges facing mobile operators and their customers is how to safely enjoy high-speed video and data services while maintaining a more or less uniform high speed. quality, regardless of whether the user connects through a cellular network or Wi-Fi. Both technologies continue to evolve and each one presents different challenges that can affect the user experience. By combining the strengths of Wi-Fi with those of LTE, a truly compelling experience can now be offered to users.

Until now, operators switched users between cellular and Wi-Fi networks to spread the load on the network, or users themselves manually switched from one network to another seeking optimal performance. Alcatel Lucent’s solution unifies the user experience on Wi-Fi and cellular networks for the first time. Within its Unified Mobile Networks strategy, Alcatel-Lucent presents two different functionalities that combine Wi-Fi and cellular access. The Wi-Fi Boost uses the cellular network to improve the performance of the Wi-Fi networks, while the Cellular Boost uses part of the spectrum that does not require a license to improve the performance of the cellular networks. When both functionalities are combined, the benefits of the users are maximized with the use of these two access technologies.

Mike Schabel, Vice President, Small Dimension Cells, Alcatel-Lucent, commented: “In the industry, cellular and Wi-Fi technologies have historically been viewed as different things. And we’ve discussed, for example, the advantages of Voice / Data over Wi-Fi over Voice / Data over LTE. From the user’s point of view they are simply mobile or wireless communications. With Unified Mobile Networks, we firmly believe that we are taking an important step forward to transform and greatly improve the mobile user experience at home, at work, and in high-traffic places and venues, thanks to the combination of current Wi-Fi and cellular networks in a single high-performance network ”.

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