They break Tutankhamun's mask and damage it more by trafficking ...

They break Tutankhamun’s mask and damage it more by trafficking …

January 22, 2015

Tutankhamun's mask

The mask of the pharaoh Tutankhamun has just lost its beard at the hands of the restorers in charge of cleaning it. Not content with it, the technicians have re-glued the piece of wood and gold with modern glue, further damaging a priceless relic.

Archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the mask in 1922 as part of the grave goods of the young pharaoh Neb-jeperu-Ra Tut-anj-Amun, who had been buried in the Valley of the Kings. The mask is probably the best known piece of Egyptian art of all time. At the moment it is conserved (it is a saying) in the Museum of Cairo.

According to the agency The Associated Press, the mask appeared overnight with the beard clumsily glued with epoxy, a very strong two-component glue, but completely unsuitable for repairing pieces of this age. It is unclear how it came to break, although it is believed to have been dislodged during routine cleaning. The three curators in charge of this part of the museum’s heritage offer conflicting accounts of the accident.

via They break Tutankhamun’s mask and damage it more while trying to fix it.

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