They arrest the creator of 'WhatsApp PC' as ...

They arrest the creator of ‘WhatsApp PC’ as …

September 5, 2014

The Spanish Civil Guard, in the ‘Snooper’ operation, has arrested a person in Torrelavega (Cantabria) for spreading an application that infected computers and stole passwords from users of various social networks.

This computer file was baptized with the names ‘Win WhatsApp’, ‘WhatsApp PC’ and ‘WhatsApp Spy’, as it emulated being a version of the well-known chat program for mobile phones ‘WhatsApp’ but adapted to be used on conventional computers for the purpose of , as announced, “spy on the WhatsApp of your boyfriend and your friends.”

However, the application sent the passwords to access the victims’ profiles directly to the detainee, who used these keys to access their boards and private messaging and massively programmed, through ‘spam’ (massive advertising messages), the download of this application, thus achieving the so-called ‘chain effect’ by continuing to infect new levels of friendships.

via Detained the creator of the ‘WhatsApp PC’ with which he stole passwords for social networks | Technology | THE WORLD.

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