They activate Wifi signal for Everyone in Plaza Bolívar de ...

They activate Wifi signal for Everyone in Plaza Bolívar de …

September 22, 2014

One of the busiest places in the Chacao municipality, Miranda state, is the Plaza Bolívar, a place where the Wifi for Everyone program, of the Compañía Anónima Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela (Cantv), arrived to connect hundreds of people in this place. meeting and recreation.

Wilmar Rodríguez, who regularly visits the Plaza Bolívar de Chacao, stressed that wireless Internet especially benefits students in the area, who can access and do their research and educational work with an excellent connection.

According to a press release, 12 educational institutions in the town are connected to the Internet through this program.

Among the educational centers with Wifi for All in Chacao are the EBN Fernando Peñalver, UEN Gustavo Herrera, UEM Juan de Dios Guanche, the headquarters of Unefa, the headquarters of the University College of Caracas, the Maritime University of the Caribbean and the headquarters of the Simón Rodríguez National Experimental University.

The Bolivarian Government, through Cantv, expands the connection of wireless Internet antennas throughout the country to provide free Internet service to Venezuelans.

To date, 2,782 sites in the country have been connected through the Wifi for All program, which represents an advance of 49% of the total goal, which includes the connection of 5,774 spaces throughout the national territory, by the end of this anus.

The goal of this program, which began on May 1, is to provide free signal to more than 9 million people throughout the country, including villages and mountain locations, such as Tunapuy, a community located on the Paria peninsula. , in the extreme northeast of Venezuela.

Via Venezuelan News Agency

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