They accuse the Chinese Government of "hacking" the accounts of ...

They accuse the Chinese Government of “hacking” the accounts of …

October 21, 2014

Last Friday the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale in China. Coinciding with this event, the iCloud servers were attacked. What the hackers, whose identity remains unknown, did is place a website between the user and iCloud, so that the user believes that they are entering their iCloud profile, when what they are actually doing is giving their personal information to the hacker. The intention would be to steal the login information (username and password), and with it all the data stored in the cloud. They could access documents, photos, personal messages and even our contact list. We clarify that the attack was only in China.

The cybersecurity blog indicates that the Chinese government itself would be behind this attack. A person in charge of F-Secure, a company dedicated to the development of security software, assures that it is a real attack and that all the evidence that he has been able to consult points in the direction of the government. It also recommends browsing through a virtual private network to be protected from these types of attacks, which unfortunately are not the first time they have occurred. It is not known if those responsible are still active and from Beijing they have denied any connection with these attacks.

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