These are the new endings of web domains that ...

These are the new endings of web domains that …

February 3, 2014

ICANN already allows new domains to be registered with many new endings such as All internet websites are made up of two parts, with a domain name and a termination that tells us what type of website it is.

Although what we normally see are “.com”, there is more and more use of other endings, domain names have always been a non-physical object that many want to own and that can sometimes be resold, up to millions of dollars.

The body that organizes all these terminations, ICANN by the acronym of The Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Domain Numbers, already allows the registration of new domain terminals, which has little to do with countries, if not rather for create more business including Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic endings.

via New terminations of web domains that you can now register – FayerWayer.

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