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The web version of WhatsApp is now available

January 21, 2015

WhatsApp has launched the rumored web version, which allows you to use the application, finally, from a desktop. You can see it here. It is a giant step. At the moment it is available for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users. It only works, by the way, with Google Chrome.

If you still can’t use it, don’t worry, the information is being replicated by the servers.

Jan Koum, CEO of the company, has stated on his Facebook profile the following:

The web client is simply an extension of the phone: you will have the same conversations and messages as on the mobile device, which means that they will remain there.

To access you just have to scan the QR code here with your phone to synchronize. It is necessary to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed and that the device remains connected to a data network. For now, we are unable to enable the iOS web-to-user client due to Apple’s platform restrictions.

via The web version of WhatsApp is now available.

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