The Venezuelan newspaper El Carabobeño is about to d …

April 9, 2015

Official statement:

History repeats itself. Once again, El Carabobeño is about to run out of paper. What was a commitment that was considered valid, assumed by the president of the Alfredo Maneiro Editorial Complex, Hugo Cabezas, ended not only in an unfulfilled offer to regularize the granting of paper, but in the announcement that this Government company ultimately It does not have this essential raw material for the edition of a newspaper.

If they do not dispatch paper immediately, El Carabobeño will have to sacrifice future editions of its Sunday magazine Paréntesis to extend its circulation for a month, when the doors of this octogenarian independent social media outlet will definitely have to be closed.

The lawyer Eduardo Alemán Pérez, director of the Diario del Centro, alerted what he observes as a prohibited intention to affect the credibility of El Carabobeño. “When we are about to run out of paper we denounce the situation, some reels appear and also the commitment to maintain a permanent shipment. The latter is not met, so we must report again. Perhaps they want people to think that we are lying, but the reality is only one: If we do not receive paper this week, we will have to appeal to the one that we have destined for future editions of the Paréntesis magazine, with different characteristics, which will allow us to survive for a month , no more”.

The proceedings by El Carabobeño have not been exhausted. All that needs to be done is being done. Since August 8, 2014, the attempts to establish a commercial relationship with the Maneiro publishing complex began, through the request for a quote for a first batch of reels. After many unsuccessful attempts in search of an answer, in November of that same year the first shipment of 150 reels was achieved, 44 reels in February, 48 at the beginning of March and on the 18th of that same month the last 72. For the reader I have an idea, 44 coils allow us to circulate, after a series of adjustments and restrictions, for approximately one week.

In the four cases mentioned, the shipments have been motivated by the imminent cessation of the newspaper’s operations.

It is striking that two days ago, the Marketing department of the Maneiro complex offered 44 coils, but this Wednesday, April 8, the response given to the request to formalize the quote for the payment of that dispatch was: “brother, I’m sorry, we don’t have paper ”. We do not know if the untimely shortage of Maneiro’s paper affects other independent newspapers in the country.

“The wait for the delivery of paper by Maneiro is a permanent agony.” The director of El Carabobeño reiterated that it is not possible to work in a planned way if the inventories do not allow to determine the steps to follow. Due to the fact that Maneiro dispatches reels of different sizes, they must be cut to the size required for the printing of the newspaper, a process that can take up to two weeks depending on the requests made by the plants that are in charge of this task and the eventualities that may arise. suffer their teams.

Forced by circumstances, in El Carabobeño we had to reduce the pagination from 48 a day to 32. On Gloria’s Saturday we circulated in 16 pages, in a desperate attempt to save paper to extend our existence more.

If the shipment is not regularized, the special editions such as Parentheses and the Children’s Supplement will disappear and the pagination will not be the same again. “It is essential that they regularize the shipment of paper. If it is true that Maneiro no longer has credits abroad and cannot continue importing to the mills, let them grant us the foreign exchange so that we can do it directly ”.

According to the lawyer Alemán Pérez, the origin of all this problem is precisely in the non-liquidation of the currencies, so that each newspaper can import the paper it requires.

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