The unusual book club for women in «topless ...

The unusual book club for women in «topless …

May 19, 2014

The unusual reading club for women in

“The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society” It emerged four years ago, when the two founders of the club commented that in New York the law allows women to go naked from the waist up anywhere a man can do it, although many girls ignore it. That circumstance, together with his love for reading, was the germ of this peculiar group that has more and more members to its credit.

The objective of the club, as explained by one of its leaders to a blog from the British newspaper “The Guardian”, is to combat the ignorance and fear of many women to practice toples, despite having the right to do so. “When it is 30 degrees, anyone prefers to be bare skin than sweating under a T-shirt and a bra,” defends the founder of the group.

Although they claim that they formed a reading club because they love books and meet people who also like to read, the truth is that many people accuse them of being exhibitionists, since they publish many photos of their meetings on their website. However, from the group they deny it and assure that in general the response of passers-by is very positive.

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