The Top Ten Optical Illusions of 2014 (For Now ...

The Top Ten Optical Illusions of 2014 (For Now …

May 22, 2014

The ten best optical illusions of 2014

Evolution is not about perfection, but about what Nobel Herb Simon called “satisficing” (satisfying enough), getting a result and settling for it. Therefore, sometimes the result is not as elegant as one might suppose. In the case of our eyes, much of what we see is not real, but is invented by the brain, modifying the snapshots of reality as is done with PhotoShop. This is because, although ours would be like a camera with tens of megapixels, there is no way to send all that information to the brain.

So you are left with a fraction of reality, it compresses the images like we compress a JPG. Discard details that you do not consider relevant. Thanks to this, optical illusion contests can be held, that is, things that we see in one way but are actually in another. In 2014, the winner was the one you can see below.

via The Ten Best Optical Illusions of 2014.

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