The technological miracle of Los Angeles del Tukuko in …

November 12, 2014

Los Angeles del Tukuko

Children who now surf the internet to do their homework with up-to-date content and who can share their indigenous culture with schools in other regions and previously only had the books from the mission’s humble library. An outpatient clinic that can now consult the opinion of specialists from Venezuela and the world thanks to telemedicine, when before they did not even have a telephone to call an ambulance.

Los Angeles del Tukuko is an indigenous population of about six thousand inhabitants, settled in the foothills of the Sierra de Perijá, Zulia state, on the border with Colombia.

Los Angeles del Tukuko

Digitel announced the development of a project to bring connectivity through the third generation network to Los Ángeles del Tukuko, a community located in the Sierra de Perijá, which makes it the first operator to offer telecommunications services in this town, which It serves a population of 3,000 inhabitants made up of the Yukpa and Barí ethnic groups.

Digitel’s efforts have focused on providing technology in the mission run by the Capuchin Fathers that is located in the center of the community, where they operate: a church, a family home, the school, the ambulatory and a Radio Institute of Fe y Alegría (IRFA). This is how the operator has placed a radio link to provide 3G connectivity and a dedicated link service in the home and outpatient clinic.


The technology gap was closed in one day. By turning on the antenna, these children took over the computers as if they had used them all their lives.

Listen to the interviews with Friar Nelson Sandoval, Director of the Tukuko Mission, doctors Juvenal Muegues and Héctor Arrechedera talking about the telemedicine part and the advisor to the presidency of Digitel José María de Viana.

It is a leap from the Stone Age to the 21st century.

Los Angeles del Tukuko is now closer to the world.

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