The Surface Pro 3 wants to compete with the MacBook Air ...

The Surface Pro 3 wants to compete with the MacBook Air …

May 20, 2014

Surface Pro 3

First, let’s focus on what comes into the eye first: design. In this case, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 completely breaks with its predecessors, proposing a larger design in a 3: 2 format different from the current 16: 9, which allows us to see (according to Microsoft) up to 6% more content with respect to what showing a MacBook Air.

But one of the curiosities of the product is where the button with the brand’s logo is located: on one side. A layout that is very reminiscent of current Apple iOS devices.

As for the material, it will be identical to the previous model, nothing to do with the anodized aluminum of the MacBook Air that is giving Apple such good results. Remember that it is practically found in all the devices of the Cupertino company, from mobile phones to desktop (with the exception of the new Mac Pro). Noteworthy is the more rounded bezels on the Surface Pro 3, which are much closer to Apple’s ultrabook than to previous Microsoft hybrid models.

via Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air: which is better ?.

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