The successor to SimCity is Finnish and it’s called Skylin …

March 18, 2015

screenshot_4_3A few weeks ago EA closed Maxis, the legendary developer of video game masterpieces such as The Sims or SimCity. It is not yet clearly known what is going to happen with both franchises, but in the case of Simcity it has appeared, luckily for the fans, Skylines seems to be a worthy successor that even improves in many aspects to the classic game.

Skylines is a city-building video game created by Finnish video game developer Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive in March 2015 for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Skylines was born as a response to the gap left by the last installment of the SimCity saga, a failure at all levels that aroused controversy because it forced players to be permanently connected to the internet.

Skylines pretended to be, in short, the true heritage of that SimCity of 2003, one of the most influential simulators of all time and that its official successor did not know how to capitalize on. The result has been more than half a million copies sold in the first week of launch. The game costs $ 30 on Steam, although on other pages such as G2a it can be obtained much cheaper, practically at half the price.

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