The Statue of Liberty increases your security to ...

The Statue of Liberty increases your security to …

March 6, 2014

Statue of Liberty NYTotal Recall Corporation, a provider of video-centric security technology that specializes in surveillance solutions, has brought together nine advanced technology providers to deliver an award-winning IP-based digital video surveillance solution used by the United States Park Police. United, the National Park Service (NPS) and the Department of the Interior (DOI) to increase public safety and improve operational efficiency at the newly renovated Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island National Monument.

The Statue of Liberty reopened to the public on Independence Day, July 4, 2013, after eight months of renovation and repairs due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. As part of the restoration, Total Recall approached the United States Park Police, the NPS, and the DOI with a proposal for an advanced surveillance system that it would design, install, and maintain as a company grant.

Preparing for reopening, Total Recall redesigned the Statue’s surveillance and security system from top to bottom, including migrating from the outdated analog CCTV to the latest in IP-based digital video technology, building a smart and ultra-modern center of command to help the NPS and the United States Park Police do their jobs more effectively, and allowing the park to cover areas with video surveillance that they could not reach before, such as security screening facilities.

IP-based technology and innovative system design allow it to cover the entire perimeter of Liberty Island, as well as the park’s security screening facilities and the 393 steps from the main lobby to the Lady of Liberty crown. The technology will be used for the safety and day-to-day protection of park visitors, while also helping the United States Park Police and the NPS monitor the flow of traffic and extend control of people to maintain the lines moving, assisting the ferry service operation, reuniting parents with missing children, and responding effectively to any medical emergencies on the island or within the Statue.

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