Solar Impulse 2 takes off from Seville to Egypt

The Solar Impulse 2 begins its first round the world …

March 9, 2015

At 7 am Solar Impulse 2 departed from Al-Bateen airport in Abu Dhabi. From there the plane will cross the Pacific Ocean, the American continent, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean until it reaches Abu Dhabi again, making 12 stops.

The entire trip will end in August this year and you will spend several days in flight without making any stops. Among other places it will pass over Varanasi, Hawaii, New York or southern Spain. And all this without spending a single drop of fuel. Indeed, the Solar Impulse 2 uses only solar energy from takeoff to landing.

As the trip has to be made in several days of flight, at night it is powered by batteries charged during the day thanks to efficient technology. In this way, its pilots and project leaders, Bertrand Picard and André Borschengberg, want to dedicate this project in honor of responsible progress and new types of energy.

via The Solar Impulse 2 begins its first trip around the world.

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