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The seven signs that your And …

April 23, 2014

The seven signs that your Android device is infected

Despite being the dominant operating system in the world of mobile devices, it is a fact that Android does not enjoy the highest security for users. According to data from Kaspersky Lab, 143,211 cases of malicious programs for smartphones and tablets were detected in 2013 alone, 98.05% only on the Google platform.

That is why the same security company made a list of the most common signs that show if your mobile device is infected, as well as some tips to keep it protected.

1.- Unwanted ads: If pop-ups with ads or intrusive advertising suddenly appear, it is likely that the system is infected.

2.- High congestion in sending data: There are times when some viruses increase the use of data to make the device connect to a website, click on a specific ad, send automatic messages or download files

3.- High account payments at the end of the month: If you used the smartphone a little, but still the end of the month bill is high, probably one of these programs is sending SMS without your permission or even making calls not allowed.

4.- Unsolicited applications: If applications appear on your device that you have never purchased, it may be a virus.

5.- Applications that use unnecessary functions: Some malicious applications request permissions or functions that they should not use. It could be a virus.

6.- Strange activity in online accounts: As in desktop computers, a virus hosted on a mobile device is also capable of stealing passwords, credentials, emails and stored data.

7.- Applications that require money to unlock the device: A clear case of blackmail. No application or company will require payment to unlock the device.

The solution: What to do in these cases?

Find out at: The Seven Signs That Your Android Device Is Infected | Trends | THIRD.

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