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The round screen of the newly announced Moto 360 already …

March 19, 2014

Moto 360It has not been more than a day that it has been officially announced and the problems of the Motorola smart watch are already being discussed. The unique circular touch screen is certainly groundbreaking with everything we have known for decades but it seems that it is not so easy to break the mold when it comes to touch LCD.

The announcement of the new Google operating system specifically oriented to wearable devices, Android Wear, allowed us to know yesterday the first two devices that use it. One of them is the Moto 360 smartwatch that surprised by the original circular shape of its screen, bringing it closer to the more traditional concept of a wristwatch while breaking with the usual square or rectangular shape usually associated with electronic devices.

But the bad news has not taken long to be known and it is precisely this innovative form factor that is causing more than one difficulty for Motorola.

via The round screen of the newly announced Moto 360 would already be giving Motorola headaches | The Inquirer ES.

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