The rebellion of the bird according to Jorge Ramos

The rebellion of the bird according to Jorge Ramos

April 1, 2014

Twitter AlertNicolás Maduro, the authoritarian leader of Venezuela, is surrounded by little birds. A “little bird” whistled at him once and he believed it to be the spirit of the late Hugo Chávez. Here is the video in which he talks about that miraculous apparition. ( But, in addition, Maduro is surrounded by other little blue birds – those on Twitter – that are making his life impossible.

Although he has his account open @NicolasMaduro hates Twitter. He has called Twitter “those idiot machines,” as historian Enrique Krauze recently reminded us. Maduro brutally censors the traditional media -TV, radio, newspapers- but with social networks and the internet he cannot. “I authorize the Armed Forces to respond to Twitter users,” Maduro ordered recently. I hope it is not with bullets. It says it does not kill or repress, but with one click, hundreds of videos appear on that contradict it.

It is the rebellion of the bird. Or, as the New York Times put it, “the globalization of the challenge.” Censoring the press and trying to keep the world from learning about the abuses of power in Venezuela is immature and stupid.

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