The "Panama Papers" confirm Cuban control over ...

The “Panama Papers” confirm Cuban control over …

April 6, 2016

The leak of the ‘Panama papers’ has confirmed that the Cuban Executive has controlled the Venezuelan passport and identity card system since 2006. It was the Peruvian banker Pancho Pardo who made the business possible, according to documents from the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca. Pardo was the true beneficiary of Billingsley Global Corp. and other shell companies, which allowed Cuba to resell passport technology to Caracas when the Hugo Chávez government decided to update its identification system.

The news media in charge of carrying out this investigation are the Venezuelan portal and the peruvian IDL Reporters, also expanded by the independent Cuban media 14 and a half. The result confirms previous complaints and, above all, the triangulation of the business: Venezuelan passports designed in Germany with the lines drawn by Cuba.

The leak of thousands of documents and journalistic investigation have confirmed that Havana it was made with access to the software that contains the data for the issuance and updating of the documents. All the licenses for the use of the computer applications would be transferred to the Cuban party that appears in the contract: the Banco Financiero Internacional SA of the Republic of Cuba.

The curious thing about the case, as the portal points out, is that the polycarbonate sheets that Havana resold to Caracas were made in Germany by the Bundesdrukerei company, but Pardo intervened with his offshore companies because the company did not want to get involved with the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, for «the reputational issue«.

The Venezuelan newspaper The National warned five years ago about the access ofCuban intelligence services to the system of elaboration of the new electronic certificates (which were never used), «thanks to a secret agreement that excluded the participation of Venezuelan technicians from the process, “a former adviser to the Ministry of the Interior and Justice told the newspaper at that time.


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