The New York Times will reduce its staff to adapt …

October 2, 2014

New York TimesIt is one of the reference media on the planet and has just announced that it will reduce its staff to adapt to the digital age. These dismissals affect 7.5% of the newsroom, so it seems that the greatest weight will be lightened in the departments related to the “analog” part of the newspaper, which thus seeks to optimally face what is no longer a hypothetical future but a tangible digital present.

In the background, as in other media, the crisis due to the decrease in income derived from advertising. Something that is hitting the newspapers that have traditionally dominated newsstands and relied on the paper industry, printing and the physical distribution of copies especially hard.

Since digital media became popular, the Internet has had a decisive influence on the way in which information is consumed. We no longer go to the kiosk, we carry it in our pocket. We no longer have to wait for the morning edition (not to mention the evening edition, almost non-existent in recent times). But especially we no longer have to pay for the press, it is free on the Internet.

via The New York Times to downsize to adapt to the digital age – The Inquirer ES.

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