The mysterious case of the drones that fly over Par ...

The mysterious case of the drones that fly over Par …

February 25, 2015

That a drone flies over a monument should not surprise us: with the commercial versions that exist for sale in almost any large area, anyone can get hold of one and take it out for a walk. However, one case turns the French authorities on their head.

During this morning, and for the second consecutive night, at least five drones have been seen flying over monuments and other points of interest such as the Bastille and the United States Embassy.

It all started on the night from Monday to Tuesday. Between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., up to five commercial drones were spotted around the Eiffel Tower, Bastille, Place de la Concorde, the US Embassy and the Les Invalides Military Museum.

It is unknown if it is five different drones or if it is the same device doing a tour of all these French points of interest. The next morning, the police did not rule out that it was a “coordinated action.”

In the early hours of Tuesday to Wednesday, the drones reappeared. Flying at an altitude between 100 and 300 meters, they visited again some strategic locations the day before, but also others to the north and south of the city with less tourist interest. From the ground, some officers pursued the devices on foot but lost sight of them without being able to reach them. Although the police presence has been reinforced, they have failed to capture any of the drones or those who control them remotely.

via The mysterious case of the drones that fly over Paris at night.

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