The most important electric guitar festival in …

May 17, 2016

Always interested in creating spaces for the cultural development of the country, Movistar sponsors for the fourth consecutive year, the most important Electric Guitar Festival in Venezuela: the Sibelius Fest (@SibeliusFest). The event, which this year reaches its seventh edition, is aimed at the rock community of Venezuela and aims to find new emerging talents within this musical genre. Similarly, it seeks to become a platform where musical artists can be identified and promoted; so that they grow as interpreters and represent the country in international meetings.

From April 24 to May 22, guitarists from all regions of the country will be able to apply through the official website; where they will have the opportunity to upload a video of their audition in which they show all their talent.

6 finalists will be chosen taking into account a percentage of votes from the public and another percentage based on the evaluations of the qualifying jury, who will have the arduous task of rating the quality of both the video and the audio, the level of difficulty, the artistic presence and the aptitude with which the audition is performed.

The selected guitarists will demonstrate their musical skills to more than 8,000 people during the grand live finale that will take place in Plaza Alfredo Sadel in mid-June. Contestants will compete for first place and for the title “Best Guitarist of the VI edition of Sibelius Fest Venezuela 2016”.

The @MovistarVE community of fans will be able to choose which of the following guest bands will play in the final: Forget the fallen, Luar, Sonora, Distrust and Riley Day Rebels. Those interested will only have to enter MovistarVE Facebook and comment in the post related to the Festival the name of their favorite rock group. The most talked about will perform, along with the competitors in the final concert.

In this way, people will not only support the contestants but will also be part of this musical experience. The results will be announced later on said social network. The idea is for the audience to comment as many times as that will increase the chances that your band will play the songs live.

The Sibelius Fest started in Venezuela in 2010; and two years later it arrived in Mexico and Colombia. The most talented and recognized guitarists of recent years have come out of the festival. Among them are the Venezuelans Julian López, Carlos Damiano, Jorge Fajardo and Mikael Carnevali; the Colombians Felipe Manrique and Eduardo Barrios, as well as the Mexicans Enrique Ibarra and John Hernández.

With the support of the Sibelius Fest 2016, once again Movistar ratifies its commitment to promote cultural events and artistic manifestations, which contribute to the musical development of Venezuela.

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