The more connected the less privacy

The more connected the less privacy

March 28, 2014

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So many connected devices can cause a serious security problem and that is that practically your whole life is online, in a series of databases, zeros and ones that represent what you eat, what you wear, when you turn on a light, what music you listen to, what books Do you read, what websites you visit, who do you talk to, what time do you sleep, how did you spend the night, even if you had nightmares.

Your life, represented in zeros and ones, within the reach of people with bad ideas. The “breaking and entering” will radically change its meaning, because what matters is not what you have at home, but what you have on the internet.

This is the real Big Data. These are nice words to summarize the collection of large amounts of data on people and display it in numbers and graphs. You are no longer a person, you are a series of data that, if stolen, can be sold and trafficked, exposing your life to other people.

via How “everything connected” can mean less privacy – FayerWayer.

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