The Mercosur Science Prize is convened in Venezuela ...

The Mercosur Science Prize is convened in Venezuela …

August 26, 2014

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in Venezuela announced this Monday the call for the 2014 Mercosur Prize for Science and Technology, aimed at students and researchers from member and associated countries of that regional bloc.

The Specialized Meeting of Science and Technology of the Common Market of the South Mercosur is dedicated this year to the popularization of that branch, in that direction the themes of the contest are also directed.

The activities of physical, virtual and itinerant museums and scientific centers, science fairs, shows and shows in the area, and social media are the lines of work in this edition.

The contest covers individual and collective modalities and includes the categories of Scientific Initiation, University Student, Young Researcher and finally, Integration. The teams must be made up of at least two residents of Mercosur member states, according to the call.

High school students, university students, master’s and doctoral students, young and experienced researchers can participate for the award.

Entries will be open online until October 10 and the winners will be able to meet before December 31.

Created in March 1991, Mercosur is made up of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Venezuela, while Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana and Suriname appear as associated countries.

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